Undead and Unwelcome

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Product Description
New in the “one of a kind”(Darque Reviews) New York Times bestselling series featuring Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor!

Betsy Taylor has problems that only a vampire queen/suburban wife could possibly understand. Such as taking the body of her werewolf friend Antonia-who died in her service-to Cape Cod, where she’s not sure if the Wyndham werewolves will welcome her with fangs or friendship. Meanwhile, her posse back in St. Paul is sending frantic e-mails alerting Betsy to her half-sister’s increasingly erratic behavior. Looks like the devil’s daughter is coming into her own-and raising hell.

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  1. Diane Raetz @ 8:41 pm

    I loved the start of this series. Undead and Unwed is a well worn, battered book that I still drag off the bookshelf and read on those days when the world seems glum. This book did nothing to recreate that happiness.

    The plot-such as there is, is simple. Antonia died at the end of Unappreciated. Betsy, Sinclair and Jessica go visit the Wyndham wolves to return the body. From the minute they arrive there is a threat that a war could happen-which seems vastly out of character for Michael and Derek. Betsy, hurt that her friend is dead, is upset because the wolves seem to blame her when she feels that the Pack never accepted Antonia in place and almost drove her out of Cape Cod. Short story long, a fight breaks out and Betsy gets staked-again. Plus something weird is going on with BabyJon-something that is really never clarified. Meanwhile back home Laura is flipping her lid. The road to hades is paved with good intentions and Laura falls down that slippery slope in a big way. Marc sends desperate emails (Laura has cancelled their phone services) that say things like, “Laura is LHFM!!!!” which makes no sense to Betsy or Jessica since they don’t speak Twitter Text. They go home and walk into A Big Problem.

    Part of the problem with the Queen Betsy book is that it’s only about 50,000 words, and reads shorter than that. It feels like an incomplete novella that has a “To Be Continued” line at the bottom of the page. I have no idea why-outside of being a predator-everyone was mentally prepared for war. In the couple of Wyndham books I’ve read, Michael and his wife are pretty level headed. BabyJon has super powers butthey aren’t that interesting. Betsy, Jessica and Marc are all apparently idiots for not sending emails that people can read. (After sending 2 SOS emails shouldn’t Marc send one in English? I’m just asking) Shouldn’t Betsy or Sinclair care that their phones don’t work?

    If this book had been $7.50 I would have been perfectly happy with the purchase. Instead I paid $15.86 (about $1.00 than JR Ward’s 540 page Lover Ahvenged) and didn’t get my money’s worth. If the publisher wants to keep the Queen Betsy books as hardcover books, I suggest that a short story be added from another world to flesh out the purchase. Otherwise I suspect I’ll wait for paperback.

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  2. Elaine Mccourt @ 9:42 pm

    How I loved Undead and Unwed – I thought it was original and witty. Undead and Unemployed was also good, but the books have gone steadily downhill since them. I understand how the tone of the series is light on plot and generally fluffy, but with every instalment Betsy just gets more and more irritating, and the books get weaker. This one didn’t buck the trend. Please, MJD, if you’re going to keep this series going, for pity’s sake, improve the quality.

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  3. A. Williamson @ 11:30 pm

    I cant believe I wasted 20 dollars on this book. I was finished in 2 hours and it the process I wanted to scream. Betsy used to be a lovable heroine but now she is just a moron. She never pays attention to anything and her relationship with sinclair is all about sex. This was cute the first 5 books but now there needs to be some substance. MJD needs to either step it up or put an end to this series so her loyal fans will stop wasting their money.

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  4. Zosia @ 1:59 am

    I’ve struggled through this series, feeling myself losing IQ points with each installment. The author’s insistence she only wants to write dialogue not only leaves gaping holes in the story – we only get to know what the characters say, not where they are and what is going on – it also makes her books very difficult to read. On top of that, the dialogue reads as if written by a whiny twelve-year old, which becomes very tiresome, very quickly.

    I do not understand why Davidson just doesn’t retire this one-trick pony before she’s alienated all of her fans.

    Stick to Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series for paranormal stories with intelligence, excitement, romance and a whole lot of heart.

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  5. Tina B @ 4:53 am

    I have loved most of the Betsy books up until this one. This reads more like a short story and not a novel. I feel like the author banged something out just to meet a deadline. She put no thought into the story at all. I was really hoping that we would get to see Betsy grow up and embrace her responsibilites instead of continuing to be a spoiled brat. I will not read anymore of MJDs books.

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